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I love this book!

Hello there.  Firstly let me Introduce myself, I'm Joe, from England, and I had the pleasure of reading this book over the summer and have since been trying to convince everyone I know to pick up a copy and read it for themselves.

I realise that I'm rather late to the game in discovering this forum and chances are not many (if any) will come across this post and read it, but I wanted to begin by saying a huge thank you to all who have posted their reactions, thoughts and insights about the novel.  When you have read something that moves you so profoundly it is wonderful to discover others who feel the same.  

I have little else to add really to what has already been said before by other posters, except to say that for me the book showed what the world can be when we see it through the eyes of love.  In so doing it reminded me to reconnect with the love  I have in my own life and to see the world through the fortunate window of one who is happily loving and loved in kind... (yes sickening I know :-) )

I know some people have posted suggestion of songs to accompany the novel, I'd like to if I may add one of my own.  It is called 'Like Lovers Do' by an artist named Heather Nova.  Here is the link should anybody be interested:

Okay that is all.  I have been typing this on my IPad and am notorious for making typos on it, so apologise for any errors in advance!
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