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What cheer, ehh?

I'll do my best to give a short introduction and hope that someone somewhere is still monitoring the community postings so I can have a chat about this amazing story.

I see that it's been quite some time since anyone posted to this community.  Still, I was glad to see that people are still enjoying the book more than ten years after its initial publishing - I find so few folks that have even read it at all, but all of them rave about it, gay or straight, man or woman.  And rightly so, for it is a true literary gem to be enjoyed, no matter your perspective.

I find myself re-reading this book tonight for the sixth or seventh time - I was introduced to it back in my college years and I try to read it cover to cover once a year.  It gets better with every read-through of course; the really astounding thing about it is that I feel that it is truly a living, breathing thing that grows along with me, with me informing the story as much as it informs me.  Every time I re-read I catch something clever or nuanced that makes me chuckle that slipped past the nets before.  And of course that ending gets me every time, particularly the scene where Doyler walks away for the second time in Jim's dream and Jim says, "You'll be walking away from me now, won't you?  I do hate it when you walk away." or something to that effect.  Kills me, even after years of reading it.

I was wondering if anyone has their most meaningful/funny quotes?  I see a lot being recycled, and I unfortunately don't have my copy right this second.  But the Mugglins scene where Doyler suggests that they hang up their washing on their "stands"?  Still makes me chuckle.
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