canadino (canadino) wrote in fortyfoot,

[fic] in between the sea and a dark place

Hey! I recently embarked on writing a reincarnation!fic for At Swim, Two Boys and I must say, it's both the longest and most time-consuming fic I have ever worked on. This fic takes place in present day, although all characters were 'reincarnated' in some way. I...may have altered MacMurrough's personality a bit, though to be honest I never really liked him so maybe that's why.

Title: in between the sea and a dark place
Pairings: Doyler/Jim, onesided!Doyler/MacMurrough/Jim
Warnings: long!fic, sex [NSFW], angst
Summary: In this life, things are different.

part: one, two,
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