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fic: vest pocket kodak

Title: Vest Pocket Kodak
Author: [personal profile] juliandarling | juliandahling
Fandom: At Swim, Two Boys
Pairing(s): Anthony MacMurrough/OMC, (MacMurrough/Jim Mack/Doyler Doyle)
Rating: NC17
He took the camera with him to the sea wall, near the Forty Foot, and took photograph after photograph of the white-crested waves, as if Jim Mack might appear, a pale smear of flesh in the hapless sea.

Warnings: Underage characters committing lewd acts, implied clergy abuse, language, unresolved sexual tension, multiple personalities.
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Word Count: 821
Beta: [personal profile] la_dissonance
Author's Notes: I think I might be the only person to ever write fanfiction based on this novel?[ EDIT: Such lies. Look at this: fortyfoot ] This means ya'll should come to my one-person fandom. I don't think that you have to read the book to understand the fic, but by all means, read the sodding book. It's brilliant, and I stayed up all night reading it. Here is a good version of Siúil a Rúin, but if you're looking for a more modern version, Celtic Woman is always awesome. This is the camera. Did my best to be historically accurate and all that love jazz, but I allow for mistakes and appreciate constructive criticism. Thanks to [personal profile] la_dissonance, my awesome beta and friend. All remaining mistakes are my fault.

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