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Community Reread: Prologue & Chapter 1

So, seeing that it's Monday afternoon here in Germany now, I thought I might just as well officially start the Community Reread!

On today: the prologue and chapter one. My page numbers are the British paperback, but feel free to supply me with the American numbers!

Community Reread: Prologue & Chapter One


Prologue (3-5)

We get to know Mr Mack through Mr Doyle's eyes.

Chapter One (7-31)

7-25: We follow Mr Mack through two scenes as he buys a newspaper on his way to deliver socks to Eva MacMurrough's house. He meets his old army pal Mr Doyle and we learn that things have apparently been better for Mr Doyle. On we go, we meet Nancy (and encounter the Aldershot riddle), learn that Mr Mack's son Gordon is away in the army and then see Macks' shop which, despite Mr Mack's aspirations, seems not to run well. We also get to know Aunt Sawney and see that it is Jim's birthday.

25-31: Eva MacMurrough arrives at her house.


I'm going to make another post for collecting favourite quotes and one for questions concerning general understanding, like words that are not clear or something. (Goodness knows I've got a lot of the latter!) Feel free to discuss the chapter in general here and to make as many posts for longer discussions as you want to :)

This is the first time I'm ever doing something like this and of course it's a community activity so if I'm doing something bad, I'm open for suggestions anytime! Hope you enjoy your reread.

One thing I have to say straight away is that I'm absolutely flattened by the sheer amount of things that I didn't pick up on or didn't understand the first time around. And when I do a third reread one day, I'm sure I'll discover just as much again! What an amazing book, Jamie O'Neill.

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