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How about some community activity?

It's me again :D This community is much less dead than it looked at first, so how about we have a community activity? I was thinking of two things mainly:

1) A community reread. As in, we will reread the book together chapter by chapter, perhaps weekly? And then discuss the chapter, collect favourite quotes and ominous words (and provide some Irish slang explanations for foreigners like me XD), things you like and dislike, perhaps some questions can be answered (I know I'm going to have a lot of questions to ask still), fanart/fanfic be created/shared, matching music be suggested, historical facts looked at, such things. I'd sure love that - would anyone be game for something like that?

2) This is a bit more obscure. Has anyone here heard of tvtropes.org? It's basically a huge database on common plot devices, character design elements, etc in literature, film, comic, history even. I love it and am a bit disappointed that there's no page for ASTB on there yet. I'm not sure, however, if I'm fit for it on my own. Would anyone like to take a look at the site and perhaps help me contributing?

Oh my, I'm so obsessed with this fandom right now. It's so tiny, but so awesome <3 Not to mention that the book itself is of course breathtaking. I just need to vent some of my insanely great love for this story.

EDIT: Okay, I remembered to maybe post a warning here: TV Tropes is addictive. I mean it. I've got sucked into it for hours before, so be aware ;P

So far we're seven people. Weeeeh! So exciting!

And I propose a date to start: 10th of May. Would that be convenient? Or would you rather have a day other than Monday to start reading the next chapter each week?
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