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A Sketch <3

Seeing that people here are keeping me up (I have to get up in four hours for school, but right now I just can't leave the computer, so...) I whipped out my sketchbook and made a tiny little rough sketch of Jim and Doyler. Nothing fancy, but one day I'll get up to something substantial, promise!

Hope you like it <3 Also, I have no idea what's going on with Doyler's shoulder/arm there... Uh... Whatever. And Jim, where's your right hand? Maybe that's Doyler's secret :P

And now I'll slowly move bedward, I guess. I've got maths in the morning *sigh* Bet I won't sleep. Or I'll dream of Doyler and Jim. (Actually, I've already dreamt of them once! Now am I a good fan or what?) Interrupted by random crying fits. Oh dear, how will I make it through school?
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